Intellimeter's new Data Collection Units collect meter information with Modbus and Mbus. The new DCU comes with 16GB of memory storage and has the option to synchronize with the cloud. These DCU's act as a stand-alone or as a cloud system. The DCU's are capable of storing consumption data in 15-minute intervals, storing and broadcasting it; making it available to a billing system or to the Building Automation System. DCUs can be sold separately.

The Intellimeter DCU can provide local or remote data consumption readings from meters in any of your commercial, industrial, institutional, residential, or multi-residential buildings.

Intellimeter can integrate multiple meter streams from a single or from multiple sites, making it easy to monitor in detail and account for all the energy consumption.


Our systems can integrate multiple reads and multiple sites, making it easy to monitor all the energy consumption.

Data Collection and Integration

At Intellimeter, we understand that every project is unique.

We work hard to provide you the meters that will fit your requirements. Intellimeter integrates various communication systems into one; From pulse output, Modbus RS485, MBus to Modbus or BACnet TCP/IP to Wi-Fi and Cloud services.

When monitoring consumption it is easier to monitor your energy if you can collect and compile all the meter information in one location.


Ensuring the security of the data obtained from the meters is an important concern for Intellimeter. At Intellimeter, triple level security is used for cloud communication, as well as data passing between the meter and the DCU. Any cloud communication is encrypted to ensure the security of the customer’s information.


Product Specification Sheet Typical DCU Panel

System Architecture