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The ultrasonic compact energy meter can be used for measuring the energy consumption in heating/cooling applications. Please note that Measurement Canada will issue its first Notice of Approval for Heat Meters in 2020 and will start inspection of Heat Meters installed prior to 2021 to check for accuracy.


  • Internal high capacity 3.6V lithium battery
  • Can be mounted on supply pipeline or on return pipeline, and can be mounted in either horizontal or vertical direction.
  • Compatible with CJ188, EN1434 (GB/T26831) protocols
  • Having optical interface, RS485 or M-Bus interface
  • Compatible witrh NOWA protocol 
  • MID certification approval
  • Measurement Canada Approval AV-2467
 Pipe Diameter Flow Rate Temperature Lead Time
15mm (1/2") 0.6m3/hr 4-95°C In Stock
20mm (3/4") 1.5m3/hr 4-95°C In Stock
25mm (1") 3.5m3/hr 4-95°C In Stock
32mm (1 1/4") 6m3/hr 4-95°C 4-8 weeks
40mm (1 1/2") 10m3/hr 4-95°C In Stock
50mm (2") (Flanged) 15m3/hr 4-95°C In Stock
65mm (2 1/2") (Flanged) 25m3/hr 4-95°C 4-8 weeks
80mm (3") (Flanged) 40m3/hr 4-95°C 4-8 weeks
100mm (4") (Flanged) 60m3/hr 4-95°C 4-8 weeks
125mm (5") (Flanged) 100m3/hr 4-95°C 4-8 weeks
150mm (6") (Flanged) 150m3/hr 4-95°C 4-8 weeks
200mm (8") (Flanged) 250m3/hr 4-95°C 4-8 weeks
300mm (12") (Flanged) 400m3/hr 4-95°C 4-8 weeks


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